Chic, Travel-Friendly Style | LOU & GREY

Hi ladies!

When I’m traveling I like to stay comfy, when I’m working I like to stay comfy, when I’m living my life I like to stay comfy. (I’m guessing you do too). But the flip-side of the comfy coin is that occasionally comfy starts to look sloppy and there are several places where you don’t want to look sloppy, namely: traveling, working, living your life.

I’ve also found that many brands that cater to the chic and still travel-friendly vibe are typically at a massive price point. This is why I absolutely love Lou & Grey.

Lou & Grey is the perfect intersection of comfy, high quality, and chic style that won’t break the bank.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

Marled Blouson Top

Strappy Racerback Jumpsuit

Fluid Halter Dress

Apprvl NYC Large Rope Tote

Fluid Drawstring Top

Striped Cami Romper

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7 Days in Paris, France

Paris has come to a close and I am ready for a solid eight hours. Not sure if it’s the carb-loading, walking several miles a day, or remnants of jet-lag, but I was ready for bed at 5 pm on the first day.

Adjusting to the Parisian life for the week has been a breeze. My Airbnb was given to us by a charming French girl who left us with plenty of ideas for restaurants, bakeries, things to do, etc. It’s a petite place, but lacks no charm with a wall of mirrored closets, views of L’avenue des Champs-Élysées, vaulted ceilings, and even a baguette!

After napping a little on Sunday I ventured out and was surprised to find that my little place is steps away from Arc de Triomphe. I watched the sunset beneath the historic arches and then made our way back down Les Champs looking for a place to have dinner. Just a block off from our apartment, at the corner of Rue de Ponthieu and Rue Jean Mermoz, is a little bar named La Montagne with the friendliest waiters and best beef bourguignon. I would travel across the city just to have that again, but luckily, don’t have to!

Today was a holiday in Paris, so I took it as an easy day. The city didn’t wake up until 10 am so I was one of the first people out on the street, croissant in hand. After picking up groceries and some strangely delicious toothpaste I spent the day getting my bearings, and that is what led us to Tour Eiffel.

Our biggest takeaway? The sheer size is remarkable. Online they tell you it’s 300m high, but that doesn’t compare to standing underneath of it. I considered heading to the top… but with lines running about 7-9 hours long, opted to enjoy the view from the Champ de Mars below.

I kept later days in the week very lowkey, letting the city dictate what I saw and where I drifted. It involved hanging out at the Musée de l’Armee and visiting l’Église Saint-Louis-des-Invalides and afternoons strolling along the Seine. One day I stumbled across a small street market and snacked on everything in sight.

The week felt as long as a lifetime and as short as an afternoon. I’m already anxious to return.