The Long Walk to Our Social [Distancing] Club

The only time I am venturing outside of my apartment lately is for trips to the grocery store. I pick moments when there are the fewest number of people out, wear my face mask, and embrace the moment of fresh air.

This past weekend I extended my outside-of-the-apartment-time by two blocks in order to ‘visit’ with friends. I buzzed their apartment, left gifts of sourdough starter and a half loaf of freshly baked bread on their stoop, and stood over six feet away when waving hello and exchanging pleasantries.

The meeting lasted only a few moments before walking back to my own apartment and another three days of lockdown (until the next grocery trip), but was a reminder of the normalcy that still exists out in the world. Covid-19 has been incredibly isolating, but seeing friends, albeit not seeing their faces, has made for a few moments of comradery and feeling like there is an end in sight.


In My City: The Huntress

Taking me out for a date, to a place I’ll fall in love with, is a fairly simple equation. Good food + Good drinks = I’m having a ball. Luckily, when I moved to NYC a few months ago I unknowingly moved in just a handful of blocks from what would become my new favorite bar.

The Huntress (sister to The Baroness under ESS Hospitality) quickly won me over with their wings menu and whiskey line up. While the menu is killer, particularly the smoked wings, the team behind the bar is what keeps me coming back. They’re everything you hope for in a local bartender and everything you may not expect to find in a New York bar.

Even if I ever leave the area, I know that The Huntress won’t stop being a favorite to me.

In My City: Regalia Roasting Collective

When I moved into the area the first thing I did was scope out for a new favorite café. What I found wasn’t a café exactly (it lacks our favorite aspect: the bakery), but makes up for it with a coffee situation many only dream of.

Regalia Roasting Collective is a space where local coffee shops across Queens and Brooklyn can roast their beans with top-tier technology, but without taking on the overhead that typically accompanies the ability to have a unique flavor in your shop. The front of the shop has a small bar where coffee is brewed, cup by cup. They have over 15 blends and roasts and the ability to brew them in four different systems. Overwhelmed yet? I was. But the RRC team is incredibly knowledgable and after a few questions about my taste preferences I had my perfect cup brewing away.

Needless to say over the past several weeks they have become a weekend staple.