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Birth Doula Package

Molly Shephard is trained as a Certified Birth Doula through Carriage House Birth. She provides and practices with evidence-based information in order to provide individualized care for her clients.
Molly is a Certified Breastfeeding/Lactation Counselor (CBC) through Empire Lactation (Lea Rivera, IBCLC), has advance training for cesarean birth support, and is certified in Comforting Touch (massage and acupressure techniques for labor & postpartum by Yiska Obadia).
As a Birth Doula, Molly strives to help new parents feel respected, informed, heard, and held as they navigate life changes in the prenatal and birth experience. She believes that all pregnant persons have an innate power and inner knowing that is revealed through the birthing process. Her role is to support birthing person’s (and their partner), whether that’s physically holding hips or emotionally holding space. 

Molly has been involved in childcare at nearly every step of her life: volunteering at daycares in high school, teaching toddlers to swim in college, and nannying children ages 3 to 7 post-college. Birth work has always felt like the natural “next step” for her and she is humbled to serve families in the Washington, DC area.

She is a Maryland native who has lived in DC, on and off, for six years. Molly earned her B.A. in Philosophy and Anthropology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and graduated Magna Cum Laude from their Honors program. She has a professional background as a Director of Business Development for one of the largest digital marketing back shops in the United States. Molly is an avid sourdough bread maker and loves every minute spent in a kitchen. She lives in Washington, DC with her fiancé, Corey, and their two dogs, Benjamin and Elliott.

Molly would like to extend a special thank you to future parents who allow her into their life-changing moment.



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