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The “about” is definitely not my thing, but here are a few things about me:

This is a blog about all the fun things: daily life, fashion, and everything in between.

I just want to make you have a good time and try to inspire you every day.

I love fashion, I do not like rules. I allow myself almost everything in all aspects of my life. Flexibility is important to me and I strongly advocate that all women allow themselves to test the waters on whatever piques their interest. Life is short, so wear what you want!

I’m the friend that will always suggest a second drink and that YES you need both colors of that top. I may not be reasonable, but I try to offset my frivolity with thrifting, repurposing, and closet-swaps.

When I first started blogging I was too focused on what everyone else was doing and assimilating to what the “standard” was to be a blogger. After completely overhauling my IG, blog, and starting fresh I’ve found myself much closer to me and closer to my community.

Please remember that this blog is a snip of my reality, a highlights reel.

If I’m not out shooting, I’m usually nestled on my couch, laptop on my lap, hair in a bun, and very much “off-duty”.


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