Birth Doula Package

Meet and Greet

A complimentary meeting where we get to know each other. These can be conducted in person or over Facetime and last approximately 30-45 minutes. It’s recommended that both parents attend as additional Meet & Greets may incur a small meeting fee.


Three Prenatal Meetings

During these meetings, we will review how your pregnancy has gone thus far, your feelings and concerns, and discuss your birth preferences. I will help you to feel informed of your labor and birth options. I will also answer any questions you may have or offer you a referral. Each meeting lasts approximately 60-90 minutes and can be flexed to best fit your schedule. During these meetings, you will also have an opportunity to meet my back-up (the doula that will attend your birth should I have a personal emergency) in person or over Facetime.

Meetings may include accompaniment to an OB appointment, assistance in packing a hospital bag, discussion of your postpartum plan, and anything else you may need.
Prenatal meetings also include digital copies of:

  • Birth Preferences Questionnaire. An opportunity for you to learn more about your birth options and help guide you toward topics that are important to discuss with your birth team. This questionnaire is designed to help you to feel empowered throughout the labor and birth process.
  • Care Provider Questions. A resource sheet designed to help you better understand the philosophies of your OB or midwife and hone your birth expectations.
  • A Glossary of Birth Terminology.

I provide phone, text, and email support from the time of hiring.


Attendance and Support During the Birth

I will be on call for your birth starting at 37-weeks and through 42-weeks. Throughout your active labor and birthing stages, I will provide emotional, physical, and educational support. Should there be any reason I cannot attend your birth my back-up will attend.

I will also provide you lactation support with first latch and ensure that you, your partner, and your newborn are settled prior to leaving you (approximately 1-2 hours after birth).


One Postpartum Visit

The postpartum visit will last approximately two hours (with the option for more time at an hourly rate). Postpartum visit(s) include reviewing the birth and how you are feeling, lactation and feeding support (referrals available if needed), meal preparation, light housework, and more.


* Pricing is offered on a sliding scale.

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